Monday, December 20, 2010

take 3

totally random santa hat shoot,
kids were in an OK mood,
and the backyard was gloomy and overcast {perfect for pics} so i grabbed the hats and them
and herded them up to the cement step at the fence..
They co-operated a bit lol
they sat, they smiled, they were wearing horrible clashing colours
{jed was, cant tell in these pics lol}..
but i love them!
Group shot..


sit here Tani {hehe too cute!}

funny little snot face..
dont know what the look is about lol

sit here Tani again....
love this shot of my boys :-)


Heather Jacob said...

sooooooooooooooo cute .. they are stunning photos Tara..
by the way I picked up the masters mag yesterday, takes a little longer to get here in SA.. I just love your work and it is really a stand out in the book, your single page is awesome!!! amazing work as always .. hugs x

lizzyc said...

the photos are fabulous! kids being kids makes them all the more precious!! Merry Christmas!

vicmbee said...

cute shots.. the boys on the bottom remind me of the larakins stamp..and I loved your Masters entry I picked my copy up on Friday loved all your pages but loved the double Batlow one lots of memories.. as I remember babysittting you 3 littlies more so in Uncle Dons house.

Anonymous said...

those pics are just gorgeous, Tara. Take care, Deb xx

Monique said...

Gorgeous photos - hope to get Connor out in the back yard tomorrow, might be my last chance before the wet sets in.....

Crystal Bowman said...

Love all these photos!!! They are just adorable and Zayne is such a cutie pie!!