Monday, December 13, 2010


Zayne just went FOUR hours with no nappy..
NO wee's, on the floor OR in the toilet,
four bloody hours!
and as soon as I put his nappy on to go to bed he pee'd in it!
I just knew he was going to do it... :-(


amanda73 said...

i couldve guessed that would happen too lol. another sign he is getting older and more independant

Melinda said...

oh glad I am not the only one! Finlay does that too! I can sit him on the toilet for ages and then as soon as he hops off he wets himself!!! grrr...toilet frustrating! xo

Jasmine S said...

I soooooo hate the toilet training sessions. Thank goodness I am past it. When it finally clicks you forget the rest.
Just received my SM mag and had a looksee at your fab work for Masters. Well done. All great.

Nicole said...

totally getting you. Dea was the same, he use to go ALL DAY without doing a wee, in the morning though the nappy was so soaked that the bed was wet.

Now he just does it all outside, told me he's a dog and dogs poo outside. grrrr.