Saturday, December 4, 2010

It a HUGE moment

in this household..
Tani's crooked tooth fell OUT,
I was absolutely devastated when it got knocked sideways
on July 4th, 2006 {he he had the year wrong}
It was only a bit over a month before she turned three,
she was playing in the loungeroom,
in a ballerina dress
and Jaiden was spinning her around to make it fluff out,
when she fell over and smashed her mouth on the wooden arm of the futon
we had back then.
I had my back to them when she fell and heard the crack,
and was just SO scared to look...
There was so much blood and I thought the tooth was gone all together to
start off with, but once it slowed a bit we saw the tooth
was still there, but knocked almost completely sideways.
In the years since then it turned back a bit but never became completely
straight and it was slightly discoloured.
I was so upset about it then, and cried for a whole day straight,
but I grew used to it, and it was just the way it was lol...
But 4 years later it is now gone!

fingers crossed that her adult tooth comes through OK!


lizzyc said...

oh dear kids and their teeth! i had two of mine knock their teeth badly in trampoline accidents.. they didn't loose the teeth but my son had to have braces as the tooth was so punched out and my daughter has a permeant dark tooth...i am sure the adult tooth will be fine!!

Sar said...

Oh I hear you, Georgie's knocked her front tooth up at age 2 and had to have it taken out...I'm used to the gap now. My biggest fear is that her adult teeth won't come through....but I guess we can only wait and see!

Felicity said...

eeekk... i experienced with Brae just last week for the first time, finding him with a mouthful of blood (first of many I say) and lucky he had only put his tooth through his lip. poor Tani BUT ya... the tooth fairy got to come :))))

Christine said...

A huge congratulations to you for making Master's this year Tara!Well done, I love your work, so well deserved!

Chantal said...

Yikes! You are a fantastic writer - I felt like I was there! Very descriptive... I haven't had any disturbing tooth incidences... I hope I don't 'cause it sounds really not good. :O

Your daughter is so pretty hey.