Friday, August 13, 2010

This morning..

I opened the blinds to find the THICKEST FOG I have seen all winter!!
I have been meaning to get pics while it is foggy,
but haven't had the chance until today.
So I dropped the kids off at school and went down to the river and got these shots.
It wasnt as foggy as when I got up,
but I still think they came out OK.

The bottom one is my fave..


Felicity said...

wow.. really is winter down there. I miss the fog :)
LOVE all those photos.

Catie said...

AWESOME photos Tara! Foggy photos look soooo effective!

Christine said...

Great pics Tara! It looks a bit eerie!

Melissa said...

ohhhhhhhh looks a bit "Forks - twilight"....spooky!