Monday, August 30, 2010

Some more!!

Today I scrapped!!
I have so missed it this month,
Just not enough hours in the days...
First up a 'just because' of James and his dirty face lol.
another 'just because'

one more 'just because'

last CC page,
Bons colour challenge..
Pink, Black and White with some extra criteria which I can't remember
at the moment but i'm pretty sure I covered it lol


my spot of creativity said...

hey looks good....& I was only at your blog last was the last time you were at mine? lol

Felicity said...

my gosh.. your creative is AMAZING...
I totally love them all.. my fav would be the first one, maybe the 2nd one, hmmm.. lets say all of them. haha

Kat said...

love, love, LOVE all these layouts...i love how you play with's so fabulous!

Christine said...

You are so clever, these are all fantastic! And I love that thing you have happening with the inverse side of your hand-cut scallops - it looks great!

amanda73 said...

lovin all these esp the last one, and the first one...just stunning

Chantal said...

Tara - you are so on fire!!! Love your work - so you, and you rock. And might I add, you are quite the seamstress! Awesome! :D

Crystal Bowman said...

Oh Tara!! I just adore your work!! I wish I could pull off awesome layouts everytime like you do - I'm sure you must have never put a foot wrong scrapingwise!!