Sunday, August 1, 2010


My sample page is below..
Go on over and check it out :)
he he gotta love those funnies the kids do..
Tani went to a b'day party this morning and just pulled out a lolly pop
from the party bag to eat.
She had a lick and then offered Zayne one coz he
was chucking one at her about it (imagine that *roll eyes*)
So he yoinked it off her and offered HER a lick lol..
He is such a little bugger!


Developing Peanut said...

naww Aunty Tara:) his such a little character love him to bits:)

OMG congrats bout your NEWS at KIU, awesome way to go you will do great:) Loving your lo's and hehehe cant wait to see the others you cant share:)

Kat said...

love the layout!

Felicity said...

MAN OH MAN.. that page ROCKS.
I always seem to find my mojo over here at your blog... hmmmm :) :) :)x