Monday, August 2, 2010


Over the weekend I submitted 10 layouts,
from July that I hadn't yet submitted for various reasons...
This afternoon I got back 5 emails from SBM.
1 acceptance and 4 rejections.
I wonder what happened with the other 5?? lol.
But the reason for this post is,
the layout they accepted was actually my least favourite
out of the WHOLE LOT.
This happens to me often,
does it happen to you?
I would love to know.......


Felicity said...

ummm. Yes.
I havent subbed in ages and did on the weekend and um... wow, I got an acceptance. :) bit shocked.

amanda73 said...

firstly congrats on the acceptance tara
secondly.....yep it happened to me, ive had subs in scrapbook creations, 2 with 1 to come...sbm hasnt accepted any of mine.... but the first one i got in the mag, i hated the layout, but only subbed it for their easter theme, and they picked it up, but it would be one of my worst layouts lol
my 3rd layout, that hasnt appeared in the mag yet, willm be in in a couple mths, it only took me like 20 mins to do, and it only uses pp and thickers alpha lol, not a very long product list

Lauren said...

I always seem to have my least favs accepted too! I guess you can't tell what they're looking for.