Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zayne at 19.5 months

Had planned on doing this at 18 months,
but only just managed to get him to the clinic today..
SO, at 19.5 months he:
  • Weighs 15.82kg
  • Is 90cm long
  • Is in size 2's. Not sure how long they will fit though
  • Has all of his teeth
  • Is USUALLY eating and sleeping well
  • Has the cutest little rosy cheeks
  • Chucks tantrums alot.. :(
  • Will talk on the phone so long as there is no - one on the other end
  • Walks around for most of the day saying TARA
  • Says lots of things... But also doesnt say a lot. He says cheese, chair, tanika (tah-ka), jed, school (cool), ta, hey, juice etc... His newest today is "toe" while grabbing his toe. There is heaps more but I can't think of them at the moment lol. But he is starting to repeat a lot of thing we say... "tit" came out of his mouth the other day after I said "sh!t".. Whoops
  • Is starting to string words together. Tah-ka cool, Jed cool etc
  • LOVES outside
  • Gets himself a drink, lol I have to pour it though
  • Loves his bath time
  • Puts himself to bed with his bottle at bed time
  • LOVES Waybuloo. yay lol
  • Likes to be out and about, if someone is going out so is he lol
  • Is getting VERY independant, loves to walk on his own down the street.. He likes to go in every shop we walk past though. He will also walk along holding hands
  • Usually does what he is told, he understands everything we say
  • Has just had his first haircut (yesterday), he looks like a real little man now :(
  • Drives 2 trucks around the house ALL the time.. One in each hand
  • Loves to climb, especially at Jed's desk where he will play with anything he can get his hands on!
  • Loves to brush his teeth lol
  • Will sit on the potty, but wont do anything in it :(
  • Adores his brother all the time, and his sister some of the time
  • Still sleeps in our room, due to unfinished reno's
  • Sleeps in the cutest little toddler bed :)
  • Has the most loving, beautiful personality, and I just love him to bits!
  • EDITED TO ADD: I thought of a few more things..
  • He tries to whistle, omg its the cutest thing lol
  • He likes to dance, to songs with a real BEAT, Crazy frog is one of his faves, and he likes the iron man (cartoon) theme song.
  • A few other words he says are car, out, toast

I {heart} this kid
to the moon and back...


Teegs said...

OMGosh he looks even older in these pics than he really does lol he really doesnt look that lil man like his still our chubba bubba:) cute pics and yep he sure does have the bestest personality i adore this kid soo soo much.

amanda73 said...

what a cute and clever little man you have there.

Jenny's Ramblings said...

Where has your little boy gone he looks so much more grown up with his hair cut but still so soo sooo cute and cuddly

Jane said...

those photos are so cute :)

Nicole said...

I'm sitting here reading through that list and OMG you could be describing Dea.

few things there different but OMG so much the same. He's about 2.5kg heavier than Dea though, and wholly crap tall, haven't measured Dea so no idea there.'

Zayne is just gorgeous and love the haircut pics, I really need to get someone elses done. lol