Monday, May 31, 2010

Crop night layouts...

I went to a crop night at Karen's
on saturday night.
I done these 4 pages while I was there
(or started them at least)
That's a big effort for me who usually does nothing but chat lol.
LOVE this first one,
it's now my new favourite GIRL layout!
and this one is my new fave BOY layout!!
Both done with some recent favourite photo's.. :)
(printed with my new printer YAY.. love them)
Oh, and the mesh in the back is NOT part of my layouts,
just the background of where i photograph them..


Only my favourite left,
strange the way it works huh...


Pauly said...

LOVE THEM ALL !! Hows Mum & Co going up there in the windy parts??

amanda73 said...

omg these are awesome, love them all