Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

My big NINE year old boy...
OMG how those years have just flown by!
It's a tough life when you
have to get tonsilitis to get a day
off school on your birthday though..

He got lots of cool pressies,
some awesome clothes,
(that he is going to recycle tomorrow, he he)
a CD player and a CD,
a pirateology book,
some bakugan,
some lego,
i think that was it...
and he got money from craig and tegan,
and karen, matt, chris and james..
Pic below is him blowing out the candles on his "cake"
went with cupcakes so he didnt spread his germs lol.


amanda73 said...

love the pics, esp the one of him blowing out the candles......
just wait til hes 17 lol. thats the age of my oldest, it goes soooo quick, before you know it zayne will be 9

Sue said...

Check out that cake. That is awesome. Hope you feeling better Jeddles. Been hoping all day that you were not too sick for your birthday.

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to your big boy! He sure is cute! Love the cake pic!