Saturday, May 22, 2010


Felt like scrapping today,
but didn't lol.
Was a nice afternoon to be outside,
so I grabbed my camera and got some pics
of the kids...
These are just a few of my Faves!
This girls has gorgeous eyes..
LOVE them,
and they come up so nicely in pics.. :)
My skater boi's lol..
(without the skateboards LMAO)
Little cutie.
Oh, how I wish he could stand still,
and smile for the camera..
Don't know what it is about this one,
but I just LOVE it!
(tani climbing the fence to retrieve the ball from next door)
ohhhh I {heart} the chubbiness...
Those hands....
Oh how much does that look like cuddles???
I'm fairly certain it wasn't lol.
{sigh.......} I adore this boy!
What can I say??
There is NOTHING more gorgeous
than a denim bum... :D
{absolute cuteness}


Teegs said...

awwww yep absolute cuteness, love them all:) specially that denim bum:)

amanda73 said...

love all these pics, you sure have cute kids

Jane said...

FANTASTIC photos :), gotta love a tiny bottom in a pair of jeans :)