Friday, February 27, 2009

20 Weeks!!!

How bloody cute is this kid!!!
Went to the clinic this morning, at 20 weeks he is
spot on 10kg! eek!!
I brought the clothes he is wearing yesterday at target,
they were on clearance, got the overalls, shirt and hat for about $10.80!!
(they are a set)
They were so cute, I had to get them even though the last thing he needs is more
clothes... Spoilt little bugger!!
These are his 20 week pics.
Taken in the backyard while I was hanging the washing this morning.
lol, don't look at our completely dead grass..
(cept for that one green patch in the first one, wonder if we have a broken pipe??)

OMG what a chubba he is!!
and a dribbler!!

This one is completely over-exposed, but I love it!!
he is so cute!!

Thats it from me, off to work soon to hang muslin and fairy lights at the bowlie..

Should be fun with my whingey son....



Sheri said...

dont beleive i missed your last post!
OMG Zaynes the chubbiest but CUTEST baby i've EVER seen!!! his soo gorgus Tar :D
i loove the top pic! and yes you need to take more pics of the other two as well ;)

Sue said...

He is sooooo cute....bundle him up and send him to Nanny, might need to send the other 2 as well, to help look after him.
Happy Birthday Mark.

Teegs said...

Im just in awe with him i love him to pieces, he is soooo cute... sad i have to work moro, Tuesdays is my Zayne day but not his week or next week:( Love the pics and the little outfit even though it makes him not look like a 4 month old bubba soo sad STOP growing lil man!

Jennifer said...

he's so so cute and looks like his mummy and yes we need to see the other two as well love great aunt Jen