Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yarrangobilly Caves

We went to the caves last sunday,
just for something different....
Got a few pics, nothing special and in no particular order..
This was the fence post leading down to the cave we went through.
My poor bubba's head,
we got attacked by march flies,
shit they hurt.. I'm still itchy where they got me..
How cute is his little shirt though!!
Love it, I got that one when I was just pregnant with him and
didnt know what I was having..
Jed and his water wings.
The kids LOVED the thermal pools,
lucky well coz it nearly killed me walking back up that bloody hill!!

The entrance to the cave.
Steps inside the cave.
The thermal pools.
It is a VERY STEEP 0.7km down
and then a VERY STEEP 0.7km back up again.
I had forgotten just how bad it was...
I doubt I will ever go there again!

So Zayne has been soooooo grumpy lately,
not sleeping at night,
and waking at all hours when he does...
It is driving me crazy!!
I think its his teeth moving around. They aren't ready to pop
out yet, but they are definately there.
lol just thaught I would have a whinge...
What are you up to this weekend?
I have put my foot down and said we ARE going to finish the laundry..
lol we'll see how that goes though..
At the moment it has no door frames on either door
and there is wood and dust and all sorts of other shit everywhere..
should be fun hey...


Teegs said...

Cool, they look good:) Love the pool shot:) How much you play with em or are the colors that real if so i wanna go there

Sue said...

Looks lovely. Cant you go down the slide between pools anymore? Looks like it has a cage over it or something. Can remember wearing the backside out of a pair of swimmers or two there.
Where are the tent trees? The avenue or whatever it is?

Sheri said...

how awsome are those pics!!
that water slide looks like soo much fun! and that pic of Jed is absoloutly AWSOME!!!
i think Mum should take me there! lol!!