Friday, March 13, 2009

5 Months

He was 5 months on tuesday...
He is getting so big,
lol well he has always been big,
he is just getting bigger!!

At 5 Months Zayne
  • Weighs 10.12 kg (only put on 120gms this fortnight)
  • Is 70cm long (1.5cm in a fortnight!)
  • Is having up to 3 meals a day. Loves the jars with pumpkin, the custards and the oatmeal and cereal ones.
  • Sits up on his own for ages.
  • Sits up in the bath, and LOVES it!!
  • Plays with all his toys, and he has LOTS.. Very spoilt bubba..
  • Has started a new noise, this one is gurgling, very cute until he does it for an hour straight at 1am...
  • Still loves attention. Can't leave him alone for 5 seconds or he starts bitching.
  • Has started waking through the night again. :-( and staying awake...
  • Has just started having a dummy, coz he was driving me nuts!
  • Loves kisses.
  • Loves knees, lol he will suck on anyones knees!!
  • Rolls around all over the place. Not looking like crawling for ages, and I hope he doesn't! My house is nowhere near baby proof.
  • Will now sleep in the cot during the day.
  • Loves the car.
  • Likes to sleep in my bed. Doesn't like to share with me though, lol.
  • Has less hair than he did when he was born!

These pics were all taken tuesday..

This was after he ate...
Doesn't always end up this clean at the end.


I have Tani at home today, she said she was sick and I wasn't sure whether I believed her or not... She loves school so wasn't trying to get out of it, I just thaught she didn't want to eat her breaky.. But I have just realised that she has put herself to bed and has gone to sleep. LOL might be coz I wouldn't let her do anything though, coz sick people can't play outside, or play with the eyetoy on playstation. Mean I know, but I don't want her to think having a day off is fun!! So I have 2 snoozing kids in the house, and it is VERY peaceful. I expect Zayne to wake shortly though..

I am picking Jed up at 12.30 today, we are going over to wagga to get some more paint and things. I love shopping. Wish I had that money from K Rudd though, it sure would come in handy..


Sheri said...

man his gorgeous!!!
when do we get to see ya's again??
i LOVE the 2nd pic.. his such a chubba bubba :D
hope Tani gets better soon lol

Felicity said...

You have one cute little boy.. look at girls.. lol
Lol at him not sleeping in his cot, but in mums bed!!! NOt good about him waking him up at night.. hope he gets over that phase soon.
Was Tani really sick then?? Good on you for not letting her do anything while sick.. I agree with you there!!
happy painting!
Felicity x

Nicole said...

Totally spunky Tara.

He's sitting HEAPS better than Dea. Little bugger keeps wanting to reach out and grab whatever he can in front and falls over.

LOL at wanting attention, same here. drives ya insane hey.