Tuesday, February 17, 2009

4 Months

This spunky Little Dude is 4 months already..
Well last friday he was.
He is soooo cute and loveable, lol most of the time :-).
At 4 Months he:
  • Is just starting to eat solids on a semi-regular basis, he has some for one meal sometimes everyday, usually every second day.
  • Has finally started to drink a bit of water, although he still really only plays with it, he isn't real sure what he is supposed to do with a bottle. Oh and he only drinks it if it has ice in it.
  • Is sleeping much better. Although everytime I say that he starts waking throughout the night heaps again, as he did last night :-(
  • Is rolling over both ways.
  • Gets around by pushing himself along the ground. He covers lots of distance like this, and often headbutts the tv cabinet.
  • Is starting to teathe. Poor bubba.
  • Reaches out for things.
  • Holds things.
  • Chews on EVERYTHING.
  • Dribbles and spews a fair bit.
  • Loves cuddles.
  • Gives the cutest big wet sloppy kisses.
  • Loves his big brother and sister.
  • Chats alot!! Lots of noise all the time.
  • Is wearing 3 different sized clothes, some 00's, some 0's some 1's.
  • He was 9.78kg last wednesday. Started packing it on again :-(
  • He was 68.5cm long 3 weeks ago. She didn't measure him last week.

Thats about it, that I can think of at the moment.

Here are a couple of 4 month pics..

Sitting up on his own.
You can see his dribbles and rashy cheeks in this one.
They get so red and sore.

One one of his trips around the loungeroom.
He goes straight for the handle on the dvd drawer and can open the drawer.
Cheeky boy!

The body suit he is wearing in the pic above is size 1 for ages 12 - 18 months!! I went shopping the other day and couldn't find any bodysuits in big w or kmart bigger than a size 0!! I wasn't real happy bout that, coz he is almost out of 0's....


Sue said...

Wow, look at the difference in his strength since you were here. Love the black and white photo.

Felicity said...

Is is certainly growing!!! I like that he only drinks water with ice.. lol and opening the drawer... I guess he is a boy uh!!
Great photos!
Felicity x

Nicole said...

Zayne is just sooooo gorgeous.

Thinking that it's teeth too. actually slept through last night. First time in about a month. And he has been really good today too. :) Better not say much though, he'll start being a shit again. Going to see an eye specialist tomorrow, poor bugger is cross eyed.

I'll let you know what is said about that.

Dea's only just go into a walker the other week too. LOVES it, never had one for the other two.

Better stop rambling. LOL


Nicole said...

oh and the dribble rash. Have you tried Bepanthan (sp) on it.

Worked wonders for Dea.