Friday, February 6, 2009

Damn it's HOT!!!

I am so over this heat!! It is driving me insane.... Not sure how hot it is today, but I am drenched in sweat, and i'm inside with the air-con going.. I feel so bad for the kids at school, they come home every afternoon with their hair plastered to their heads and sweat running down their faces. They have to sit inside those hot classrooms all day, with no airconditioners. I don't think they even have fans!! My air-con in my car isn't working either, which is wonderful *roll eyes*....

Anyway, enough whingeing... Zayne is 17 weeks today, Got him weighed last friday at 16 weeks and he was 9.23kg. He had only put on 130 grams in 3 weeks, which I was happy about. And he was 68.5cm. We will go in again wednesday for his 4 month weight, since we have to make appointments for the clinic now and i'm working on friday.. Well he will be 4 months on tuesday anyway so it doesn't matter... Got only crappy pics of him today, he wouldn't keep toys and hands out of his mouth!!
This one was during the week, his first time in the walker.. He doesn't like it much, except to chew on the bar and toys. Love that big smile though...
Didn't have much to write about today so I have put in a couple of pics from australia day..
Nothing special just a few random ones I took.

I finally leart how to digital scrap!!!
I haven't been getting into scrapping much lately,
I have tried but I just havent got it IYKWIM..
So I digi scrapped and this is what I came up with.
All made from Shabby Princess kits on PS.


Felicity said...

wow... Awesome photos there.. You certainly know how to use your camera...
Wow.. your kids are at TPS!! So glad your daughter loves school! LOl about the shoes and socks.
Hope your going okay with the fires and the heat!
felicity x

Sue said...

Wow Tara, that digi scrapping is totally awesome. Love the lot of them.

Sue said...

awssooooomme pics and Zayne is soo gorgeous!!!!! love those smiles :)
the digi pages look great! i love the one of Tiff

Sue said...

Hmmm, think Sheri must have forgotten to sign in as herself again.