Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today's drive...

Just a few pics,
really didnt take many...
Love pics like these,
old cars look so awesome especially in B&W.
Caught in the act LMAO.
LOVE the face he is pulling....
Have already printed this pic for a page.
he he he he he
No order to these lol....
OHHH how good is this?
Can't wait to go back here,
when we have a little more time
(and better walking shoes)
and walk down to the bottom of the falls!!
So stoked with this pic.
Love wild brumbies,
they are so beautiful!

That's it.

Like I said didnt get many pics.....


amanda73 said...

omg those car pics are stunning, and lol @ zayne..typical boy

Teegs said...

GOlly gosh how did you manage that waterfall pic you never use a tripod? its awesome!! is it at Buddong no um whats it call paddys river? ohhhh I love brumbies they make great pics hey? heheheh cute lil nose picker there:)