Sunday, June 20, 2010

Scrappy pages.

I spent yesterday afternoon / last night scrapping.
Mark went for a drive with Muli and
took Zayne with him, and the other 2
were watching telly so I was able to scrap in peace :)
They were all super quick ones for me too,
which is good!
This first one is my fave!
Just a random, coz i had the pic printed and wanted to use it!
I had it all planned out in my head for a while
before I done it so it all came together fairly quick!

mmm the snot trail pic lol...
dont overly like this one.
its for nics challenge at bon's,
the June write now.
Just dont like the clear dymo at the top.....
thinking bout changing that part. he he
this one was seriously fast.
just threw it all together.
LOVE the photo...
another swing page lol
going to be back after dinner with some pics from
today if blogger will let me upload them.
Am having to make them super small
and crappy quality... :(

1 comment:

vicmbee said...

nice photo in remember when? I do as I took the pic not bad for pre digi.. gorgeous LO's