Saturday, June 26, 2010

Last 7

finished off my girl kit today..
I got 11 pages out of it all up!


This one was hard to get a pic of,
so I took 2 to show the diffrence...
All of the photo's except for the 'bare branches' one were
taken during our April holiday!


Teegs said...

Awww they are all so special moments.

oh oooo tears when i read the one of Craig and Zayne.

Very simple but you still manage to make them look AWESOME:)

amanda73 said...

wow, all these are still amzed how you got 11 layouts out of 1 kit, i gotta get one one day...

Sheri said...

awww love them all and i miss you all the time too :-)
how long has ann had a 'e' on it though?? he he he

Sue said...

You are a machine girl. And they all look so good. Tiff says are you sure that is her in the number 5 one. does she really look like that?