Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jed's 8th Birthday.. and some Farm pics.

Just have a few pics to show from Jed's 8th Birthday,
and some pics from the Farm on the weekend.
Too Many Lollies!!
LOL I love these fake teeth,
they are cool.
I wanted a pic of all the kids with fake teeth but they all took off before I got the chance.
His party was at the park this year...
much better idea than having it at home i think.
They had plenty of room to run around,
could be as noisy and messy as they wanted,
Play equipment to play with,
Tree's to climb in,
Think we will do that again!!
Blowing out the candles..

He got lots of pressies he wanted this year,
he now has the full range of LEGO power miners,
some bi-onicles,
a lamp, new doona cover, some clothes,
DS games,
a bit of money, etc

We went wood-carting at Dad's farm on the weekend,
got a few pics while Mark was cutting the wood,
just going to put a couple up here.

This is one of Auni's pumpkin's..
Jed with Mark's hat on..
I like this one of him, he doesn't have his crazy look on like usual.
He was bitching when I took this,
think the smile was coz he thaught I was going to pick him up. LOL
What a grot...
Eating the dirt and rocks..
Played with this one to give it the rich colours,
was a bit plain otherwise...
Sunset on the way home,
headed into Batlow from Dad's..

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Sue said...

Super cool pics, that cake looks pretty awesome.
I love the sunset pics specially the first one with the tall trees, and the pumpkin shot is great.
Where is the new bed pic, and one of the Tani girl.