Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Forgot to add....

Forgot to add in my last post..
Zayne cut his first 2 bottom teeth today.


Nicole said...

how awesome, lets hope he settles down for you soon chicky. Nothing is worse than sleep deprived mummy.

Zayne is gonna be walking soon, hehehe. I'm glad for my slack bum, he's only keen on standing if I hold him still.

Hope you get some rest soon


Felicity said...

ya teeth!! that is exciting, no more putting your fingers in his mouth . lol
Your photos are just amazing!!
I totally miss the autumn colours down there! Not many autumn colours up here!
Love the party pics too!
It looks so cold too!! Hope it warms up in Sept when we come with bub.
Thanks for the most beautiful comment on my blog.