Thursday, May 21, 2009

7 Months

You know, I really thaught that by the time he was 7 months old he would have settled a bit..
But he is still cranky most of the time, unless he has my full attention on him.
Drives me crazy especially when i'm making dinner... Seems Mark always has something else he needs to do, So I get screamed at the whole time..
He is getting up 3 times a night again..
Not even making it to midnight before he wakes up for the first time, and then usually spends the rest of the night in my bed otherwise as soon as I put him in the cot he wakes up screaming.
It's driving me absolutely crazy, and I have permanent dirty big black circles under my eyes!!
He is ALWAYS hungry, but is the pickiest eater out...
Wont eat mashed potato at all, picks at it a little if i put it on the high chair tray, other wise wont touch it.
Wont eat most veggies.
Has also started chucking one when he gets fed the pumpkin and sweet corn baby food jars.. Which was the only one he would eat.
If we try and give him something different he throws the biggest tantrums!!
He will eat bread though, and lots of it.... although most ends up on the floor.
LOL so as you may be able to tell i'm not having the best of weeks....
So anyway...
at 7 months:
  • Weighs 10.82 kg
  • Length is 71.5cm (i think...)
  • Head 45cm (i think...)
  • He is crawling properly, and everywhere.. Doesn't really commando at all anymore.
  • Pulls himself up on everything.
  • Falls off most things... I'm sure he will have a permanent imprint of the table leg on his forehead if he keeps it up, lol.
  • Has stood not holding anything for about 5 seconds-ish a few times.
  • He is into EVERYTHING!! Especially likes the DVD player, DVD drawers, and power points!!
  • Walks along things.
  • Walks along holding my hands.
  • Has 2 sleeps most days, depending on if his routine gets interrupted, them he usually has none.... Which results in him bitching at me allllll day.
  • Still wears size O
  • Says 'dad', 'dadda', 'bub', 'go', 'gone', 'mum'. Its all really just babble, but you can really hear the words in there.

I'm sure there is more, but can really not think of it...

Might come back and add it if i can remember..


Pics were all taken Sunday 10th May.

Mothers Day

at Rotary Park

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Sue said...

What a gorgeous grubby chubby little face, send him down to Nanny when he gets too much to handle.