Sunday, April 12, 2009

Show Day

These pics are from last weekend..
Haven't posted them before now because me and photoshop have been fighting.
Still not on the best of terms.
Dunno whats going on with it, but it's not being at all friendly!
So anyway... We went to the show in Batlow,
The kids got their faces painted, got balloon animals made.
Jed got a sword, the kid after him got a rifle, he wished he got one of them lol..
Tani got a teddy bear.
They both chose thier own face paint designs and I didn't see them until they were finished.
Very lovely aren't they, lol.
They went on a jumping castle,
Jed got into trouble for climbing up the slide side.
They went on the dodgem cars.
Tani went on the clown sideshow.
Jed had a go of Laser Skirmish and loved it!!
He is actually pretty good at it!


I have a LO in this months SM.

Since Zayne was born I have not scrapped much, actually maybe since i was pregnant.. I have done bugger all. But this was one of them. Got a full page too which is pretty cool!

Anyway thats it for now, will be back later with Zayne's 6 month update and some easter pics.. Well I will if PS co-operates anyway...



Sue said...

Tani looks like a little doll, Jed just looks plain scary, but they look like they had fun.

Nicole said...

Looks and sounds like the kids had a ball :)

Can't wait for Zayne's 6 month update. Yep like you can't believe that they are this old already. Crazy how time is flying.