Sunday, April 12, 2009


6 Months has passed already..
These pics were taken at the park on good friday, when he actually turned 6 months..

At 6 months Zayne:

  • Is sitting very well.

  • Goes from sitting to crawl position.
  • Commando crawls. (Monday 6th April.. 5months 3weeks)
  • Smiles and laughs alot, especially at Jed and Tani.
  • Still loves baths, will settle him everytime.
  • HATES getting dressed.
  • Sits himself up on the change table, but can't on the ground..
  • Loves his toys.
  • Can occupy himself for a lot longer.
  • Is eating 3 meals a day.
  • Has started throwing tantrums!
  • Pulls my hair alot. :-(
  • Will now nap in the cot during the day.
  • Is waking 2-3 times most nights.... :-(
  • Sleeps in my bed for most of the night, otherwise doesn't sleep.
  • Sucks on everything. He especially loves phones, remotes and the powder bottle. lol
  • Sits up in the shopping trolley with both arms slung around the loops at the back. Looks very relaxed lol.
  • Weighs 10.42kg.
  • Is 71cm long.
  • Done much better with his needles this time around, but I am very glad it's 6 months till the next ones!!
  • Makes THE most annoying scratchy noise with his fingernails on my pillow while i'm asleep.
  • Is still in 0 clothing.
  • Has just had his first minor cold at around 5 1/2 months. Lasted for around 4 days I think.
  • Still doesn't have any hair, poor bubba.


Felicity said...

your little man is sure growing, how fast time goes.
Looks like you had fun at the show!
Congrats on LO in SM!! :)

Nicole said...

PMSL Tara, Dea loves pulling hair too. First thing he does when I pick him up, reachs around and grabs a handful.

Go Zayne go, crawling buddy, you'll have to come and teach Dea.

So spunk-a-licious


Sue said...

I so want a pic of our man in the shopping trolley. How cute is he, dont worry about the hair, remember Sheri didn't have any for years, now look at her.
I just put a bucket load of pics on my blog, check em out.