Monday, April 20, 2009


I know it's been a while since Easter, but I am only just getting around to doing these pics..
The first 2 are from the last day of school, the kids had their Easter Hat parade,
Where they walk down the main street.
I went down and watched,
I didn't get any decent pics though coz people kept standing in front of them, ah well!
Tani just had the bunny ears, a bowtie,
and a basket filled with fake eggs and some chickens.
Bit hard to tell in the pic coz it's a bit bright.
I made Jed's hat for him again,
He only wanted to go in the parade so he didn't have to do school work...
The little bunny you can see at the top goes in and out of the egg.
These ones are from Easter Day.
The Easter Bunny didn't bring as many eggs this year as he left it a little late to purchase them.
All the ones he usually brings were already gone.

He brought Zayne 6 little eggs.
He tried one of them and didn't think too much of it..
As you may be able to tell from the look on his face.


Sue said...

They are all just too cute. Looks like that chocolate is yummy, you could have taken the foil off zaynes one for him, looks like he is getting the taste for it in the last one.

vicmbee said...

Hey tara.... did you want to join in a family atc swap... just leave a comment on Pauly's blog if you want to join... Ta
cute photo's