Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm going on a ....

lol to Bermi,
where the sun doesn't shine,
and the wind always blows.
But it's summer, and it's a holiday...
Thats the main thing...:-)
Hopefully it will be warm enough for the kids
to go swimming at the beach and
Mum will get to see Zayne for the first time since he was
just 5 days old.
Forgot bout pics today,
so I took them tonight, thats why the colour is a bit
off and they are a bit dark.
We went to work today, since there was
a wedding on, I had to do the 2 bridesmaids bouquets
(lol would you belive I have worked at the florist for 6.5 years
and I still don't know how to spell that!!)
The kids were Pretty good,
Jed is such a good babysitter for Zayne,
He keeps him occupied while I am busy....
Don't know what I will do when they go to school :-(
anyways.... lol

He is sitting himself up here,
pulls himself up,
then promptly falls on his face...
We went to the pool on wednesday arvo,
it got to 41*c here and was HOT HOT HOT.
Took the kids down and Zayne loved it,
he sat there in the water for almost an hour,
just floating around, taking it all in.
He really likes water!!
First time in the pool, had to get some pics...
I took my little old camera,
coz I didn't want to look like a dill with my big one there :0)
Pics are OK but would have been better with my good camera...

He only lasted in the floaty thigy for bout 10 mins then sat with me on the step..
Sheri and Zayne the day she went home,
she was here for almost 2 weeks and we didn't take any pics the whole time... :0(
She was such a good help with Zayne,
Except when it comes to poopy nappies,
LOL I made her change one and she wasn't even a little bit happy bout that!!
How cute is this little toosh... :-)

Probably should go to bed,

Haven't even started packing for our summer holiday,

Have got tonnes to do tomorrow before we leave including washing,

but ah well there is no rush!!


What is with the big gaps blogger puts between rows at the bottom of my posts??

OMG so annoying!!


Sheri said...

the sun does shine.... sometimes! even if the wind is always blowing!
its nice and hot today! but no where near as hot as Tumut!
love alll the pics gosh his gorgeous! even if he does weigh a tonne!
can't wait to se you tonight!

Nicole said...

Oh loving your piccies Miss Tara. Zayne is just soooooo gorgeous, and wow he is weighing heaps more than Dea now, not even 8kg yet.

Hope your holiday was a good one, can't wait for the piccies.


BTW check the blog for an award

Lauren said...

I still cant believe that Z is 9.1kg! He looks so cute in the pool...
He is growing up too fast.
Love Loz

Felicity said...

What cute pics!!! You have a super cute son/ children!!!
Hope you had a nice time away.
Felicity x