Monday, January 12, 2009

13 weeks and some random pics

13 weeks/ 3 months already!!

I'm sure I say it every time but I really can't believe how fast it's going!

at 3 months Z:

  • is smiling and Laughing alot, especially when I call him "Beautiful" and "Gorgeous"

  • is 9.1 kg

  • is 65.5cm long

  • is still VERY hard to get to sleep at night, usually goes down around 10.30pm

  • Occasionally sleeps through the night, waking between 6 - 7 am
  • Always sleeps in my bed after his morning feed (I know, BAD habit to get into)
  • Jumps in the Jolly Jumper every night while we eat dinner
  • Needs to be the centre of SOMEONES attention 100% of the time or he is whingeing
  • is hardly sleeping during the day at all, he is lucky to sleep 1/2 hour all day
  • Has just started to give big wet sloppy kisses
  • is Very, very, very cute
  • Has 2 nicknames... Mr Beautiful and Captain Grumbles, depending on his mood

These 3 pics are his 13 week pics

he wouldn't smile or look at me

Gorgeous little smiles.

Look at his poor cheek, scratched himself so bad on saturday morning it actually bled :-(

First ever feed of Farax today,

thaught it might of stopped him grumbling a bit,

but I was wrong he is still going strong..

He moved while taking this pic,
ending up in the corner.
Also taken with manual settings which i still dont get....

but I love it :-)

3 Months old,

Made this one 'vintage'

I think it looks good, very different anyway...


Now just some random pics..

The old trike in our backyard


Pics from our drive along Goobragandra Power Line road

Awesome textures and patterns in the creek

Rickety old bridge and Creek
A bolt from that rickety old bridge
Power Lines
Old dead tree

and some spider webs
One lone leaf


Sue said...

Love all your beautiful photos. You sure didnt get that skill from me. Zayne is so so cute. Love his little denim hat.

Michelle Jamieson said...

Zayne is just beautiful!!

Love all your pics...I'm with you, the rustic ones are gorgeous! :)

Chelle Xx

Lauren said...

Im going to get Chloe weighed tomorrow.
I cant believe how big he is! SO CUTE!
Love all your pics too

Nicole said...

love the black and white pic. That really needs to be scrapped.

Nearly flipped when I saw the pics of Zayne. Dea has the same little stripped suit, took a minute to realise it wasn't him. LOL. Lost my marbles for a second there.