Thursday, January 29, 2009

Am I Happy or am I Sad?

It's my baby girls first day of Kindy today.
She was so excited and couldn't wait to go, she has been counting down the days
for about 6 months..
It's sad to see her go, but I know she is ready.
She knows so much more than Jaiden did when he went,
and she listens and follows instuctions well.
I'm so sure that she is going to do well, and love going to school.
Except for the fact that she has to leave her shoes and socks on all day, LOL she wasn't impressed with that, and asked if she even had to leave them on at lunch-time.
There is only a bit over an hour until she has to be picked up now..
I hope she is enjoying her day.

Jed's first day was yesterday,
and as per usual he came home in a mood.
He really hates school.
The little man sits!!
LOL yeah, he leans over and looks like a monkey,
but he is sitting, all by himself.
This was the best pic i could show because he had no nappy
on and the others were a bit rude..
(15 weeks 4 days)
and he rolls..
He rolled over for the first time the day we left Bermi.
while I was in the shower.
(15 weeks 1 day)
These are some pics from our holiday at Bermi.
I got soooooo many that I LOVE.
But I will just show a few..
Me and Zayne taken the day we left.
Mum took it, and I love it.. Heaps.. :-)
One of my favourite pics ever I think, with me in it anyway,
coz I hate pics of me!

Our family, taken by Sheri..
Got some posed ones as well, with us looking at the camera,
which are nice, but I really like this one.

This is Tiffy's sunflower..
I have been trying out the manual setting on my camera..

A pretty beach, no idea what it's called, I took the pic over the edge of a cliff.

Bermi main street, taken from the park across from mum's shop.

Cranky lips.
LOL she really didn't want me to take a pic of her.
Love this one
He looks so calm, not like the terror that he is,
and was being right before and after i took the pic.

15 weeks

The 5 kids,
my 3 and my 2 little sisters,
on the jetty

Me and my baby sisters.
I love you guys and miss you heaps!!

Well thats just a few of my pics,
I might put a few more up in the next few posts...
You know, I have not done any layout this year!!
Not even 1!!
I am hoping to do one before January ends, but not sure if I will manage to or not..
Hope you are having a good week and have a good air-coditioner!

I don't and I am HOT!


vicmbee said...

I know what you mean...Sammy had his first day at kindy today...Frank just picked them up and he had a good day..he was excited to go too..... Love your other pics and jed looks like graig in 1 of the photo's.... its bloody hot here too...we not long got home from Tumut didn't cool down much when we got over the hill like it usually does......

Sheri said...

awww i love you too sis :)

those pics are AWSOME!!!! lol
thats such a cute one of Jed and when i talked to tani it sounded like she loved school :D

Sue said...

Love all your beautiful pics Tara, I think you better come back down, I am missing you already. A week is not long enough.

Sue said...

Hey Tar, I forgot to ask did Tani manage to leave her shoes on all day.
I left a nomination for you over on my blog.

karen e said...

Are you & tiff sitting poor Sheri??

Love all your photos..

Nicole said...

Wowser hun, I LOVE looking at ur pics. Yay for Zayney, clever man

And just to answer you Dea's only about 8.6kg

Kids are all whinging at me


Me me me me me me me said...

OMG that pic of Jed b4 school looks weird doesnt look like him....