Saturday, November 15, 2008

Twice in a week!

Twice in a week, can you believe it!!!
We went to the clinic on friday Zayne is now 6.93kg (15lb 5oz)... At 5 weeks!!!! He is over 1.5kg heavier than Jed and Tani were around the same age, but he was only just 230 grams heavier at birth. He is getting so big so fast, its sad coz he is my last baby :-(... The pic above is his 5 week pic which was taken on friday... Love those BIG smiles we are getting... (and the chubby chins that go with them)... :-)

We had a good day out today, we went to Goob with Muli and Lindy had a bbq lunch and they all had a swim in the creek, lol not me though, i'm not crazy!!! Got some good pics i think and Zayne was pretty good most of the time, he got a little fussy around lunchtime but thats pretty much normal now.. So yeah, we all had fun.

How funny is this pic ^^ If you look in the background you can see Tani has jumped just as I took the pic, both her feet are off the ground... I think it looks cool.

There were a heap of other pics too, but didnt want to be too boring..
In other news Craig and Tegan are moving back home... I am soooo excited and can't wait!!! I spent a little while on the phone with Craig tonight, I miss him heaps and am so glad they FINALLY decided to come back!


Sue said...

Love the photo of Tani in the rock pool shot, have they made like a little wadding pool thingy for the kids. Looks inviting, I bet it was cold though.
Oh boy Chubba Cheeks is growing, Sheri says he will be walking before we see him again.

Felicity said...

how cute is your little man!!! love that smile too!!!
Kids look like they had oodles of fun swimming!!!
Love the pic you took, some great scrapping subjects!
Take Care
Felicity x

ALL ABOUT ME said...

nice piccies:} cant wait to see lil chubs hehe BTW u should update ur profile to say 3 kids now lol

Sue said...

Hey Tara you need to update, your clock is an hour slow, and like Teegs said you have another little person now.

Nicole said...

Wow Zayne is growing so fast. He's heaps bigger than Deacon. Hope he's feeding is settling down for you too. Oh but I can sympatise, we just had the past week and a half on the boob constantly was only sleeping for about an hour than waking up for another feed. It's exhusting isn't it?

take care