Monday, November 24, 2008

Some new pics...

Life has settled down a "little" here.. Zayne went 2 nights sleeping almost all the way through, I was hoping he would keep it up, but it doesnt look like that will be happening. He has decided he absolutely does NOT want to go to sleep at night, its strange because he struggles to stay awake during the day. I just hope he settles soon because I am supposed to be going back to work next week, just for a few hours here and there but I dont know how I will go if we are still having such messed up sleeping patterns...

I went shopping in wagga on the weekend, Just Mark, Zayne and I went, Jed and Tani had a sleep over at Farm Poppy's and Auni's which they loved, even though Jed got COLD weet-bix for breakfast LOL he was horrified about that.. He has 4 every morning but they have to be warm!!! I FINALLY got myself a new washing machine!! It has been such a long time coming, I just never wanted to spend the cash on one while the other was still working. I can now do so much more washing at a time which is good.. I also got a few more christmas presents. I think I almost done now, I just want to get Tani a cuttlekid :-)

ummm what else??? I took some nice piccies of Karen's family yesterday, you should go on over to her blog and check them out!
I think thats about it, it has been a quite uneventful week!!

I took some pics of the kids in their xmas hats today.. I really like the way they have come out, its hard to choose a favourite I like so many of them!!

and lastly just a LO that I dont really like.... Its the 2nd time I have tried to scrap that pic, which I LOVE but just not liking what I come up with for it... ah well...


Sue said...

Great piccies Tara. I think I like the top two of Jed and Tani and the one of you and Zayne.
I like the Lo too.
I checked out Karens blog, the photos you took look great, well done.

vicmbee said...

The piccies are great....and love the LO too...especially the owl...The cuttlekid is cute they have one in LSS but she wants $70 sure they are cheaper online somewhere... Nearly masters time isn't it, you gettin nervous....Your gonna make the top 10....your work is beautiful.... Vicki

Nicole said...

LOVE the photos Tara. your children are just the most gorgeous. :) Page is fantastic also.

hmmm Masters, wonder who will make it. LOL. I say go us. hehehehe


Big claps for Zayne too starting to sleep through more for you YAY, Dea was the same, slept well for a few nights then was awake but now he's sleeping though again.

one last thing, your blog is looking mighty hot. doesn't that site have some sweet designs.


ALL ABOUT ME said...

Ur piccies are soo good love em:) and that LO is sooo sweet:) like always good work from u x xxx

Nicole said...

Hey Tara, would you be interested in a photo swap with me??? We'd have to swap the new little men though, LOL. email addy is lukecole @ tpg dot com dot au if your keen. anyway let me know.


Sheri said...

Tara those photos are gorgeous... LOVE them!!!
love the owl :D