Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just a quick one...

I have been trying to update more often, not going that great, but definately better than my once every 6 months I was doing before..... :-)

I have just ordered some xmas pressies online at snapfish.... It was the best deal ever, I got photo books for a few of the family and ended up saving $120 (almost half of what they were worth) .... They look really good, just hope they are as good in real life!! I can't wait to see them..

I got Zayne weighed again yesterday, at 7 weeks he is 7.5kg... He only put on 1/2kg in 2 weeks instead of 1kg in 2 weeks, hopefully he is starting to slow down a bit with his weight gain... Although his little rolls are so cute!!
Below is his 7 week photo... Cute little smiles with a big belly, lol his legs aren't as short as they look in the pic either!

How cute is this... He was having a bath in the laundry tub, just so he could float around a bit... He fills his bath sooo much most of him sits out of the water! He is too long for the tub, but can at least sink down a little..
Trying to get a nice pic of Jed smiling with his big gap, he is now missing 4 top teeth... Tani has sauce on her face from lunch :-)
As you might guess, I didnt get a good pic of the gap, but ah well, after all the great pics I got last time I can't complain.... I like this one anyway, even if it wasnt what I was after.... Cheeky boy!!

I have a few layouts to share as well, but havent taken any pics due to REALLY crappy weather... So stay tuned for them I will upload soon, hopefully tomorrow if the weather clears a bit....

Hope you are all having a good weekend!!


ALL ABOUT ME said...

OMG im stealing all these pics, love the bath one of Zayne sooo sweet and that one of jed and TAni is gorgeous:) im glad your updating reguarly:) loving the picsw your getting of them lately:)

Sue said...

Aww look at the little fatty. Isn't he cute. Love the one of Tani and Jed. Good luck trying to get a gappy pic. Tiff has almost lost another tooth, she cant have that many left.