Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm due today!!!

Yep... Bub is due today, but once again I dont think it will arrive on time. Both Jed and Tani went over so i'm not expecting it to be on time... Although I must say I am finally a bit over it. I havent had any troubles the whole way through but these last few weeks have been a bit much. I have big sinus troubles, i'm having sooo much trouble breathing, even after going on anti-biotics its still there, although it has cleared up a little its still difficult to breathe properly, which means I am not sleeping properly, which is driving me up the wall, I dont think I have ever been so tired!!!

LOL also I want it to come soon so I can go to floriade!!! I wont go while i'm still pregnant - just in case..... But it will be over soon.. I dont think I will get to go again.

I have finally finished work.. I done a wedding bouquet on friday and that will be the last I will work till sometime after bub comes.. It was really taking it out of me being on my feet all the time so even though i'm now broke and bored i'm glad im not working at the moment.. LOL

Last weekend I finally managed to scrap.. I finished off the snow LO that has been sitting at my desk for weeks, and I done the three others...

So when do you think bub will come and what will it be???? I still have no idea what it is and no names that we can agree on LOL.... It is going to be a nameless bub at the rate we are going... :-(


Nicole said...

Wow Tara, love the pages. Can see them getting picked up. :-)

Hmmmm a due date for you????

I say this Sunday, (my date) and I'm thinking that you are having a girl. Totally hearing you with the names though, we're really struggling to find something that we both like.

Take Care chicky, sending you some labour vibes too.


Lauren said...

Loving your pages Tara,
as for bub.....well, I think its a boy! just to be different to Nic, for no other reason!!
Good luck

Sheri said...

i think your gunna go mon, Tues or Wed lol!!
and i've changed my mind i think it'll be a girl and lol i still like the name Corrie (for a girl :P)
can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!