Monday, September 15, 2008

It's been a while!!

Since my last real post it has been months and months!! Lots has been happening, I am currently 37 weeks pregnant, it has been a good pregnancy, no real drama's, I have had really low iron and have to take tablets for it, but thats it. We don't know what we are having so it will be a big surprise on the day.

I have almost completely re- decorated my lounge room with new curtains, tv cabinet and lounge as well as changed to positions of all my pictures... I am waiting on a lamp table I have ordered and I will get a lamp for it as well as a new light for the ceiling and I will be just about done.. Oh besides all the extra's, like paint and cushions etc to add a bit of colour, but I haven't decided which colour to go with yet..

My dad turned 50 last month, on the same day Tani turned 5!! Both of my brothers cme down from queensland for it and it was awesome to see them, I miss them both, and Tegan sooooo much :-( But it's great to see them when I can..

Craig and Tegan are in Canada at the moment having a big holiday, They come back about the time our bub is due, so hopefully they will get to see it before going back to queensland!!!

I was lucky enough to get selected as one of the top 50 in the scrapbooking memories masters comp, there have been some awesome scrappers selected so im not holding much hope of being one of the 10!!

Umm what else? LOL heaps happening but not much to talk about.... Since I can't remember any more i will just finish with some pics.
Me and the kids yesterday..
Tani making bunny ears, LOL not sure what this was about but its a cute pic :-)
Jed and The Belly...
The bare belly, its nice and round but OMG do I have some bad stretch marks!!! Most of them are from Jed I think..
I love my loungeroom now!!!!
The 2 seater part of my new lounge suite..
And thats it!!! Although I' m sure no-one even looks at my blog anymore its been soooooo long since my last post. Leave a comment if you come for a visit :-)


Nicole said...

CONGRATS on the Top 50, was wondering if you were entering. And mate I think you've got what it takes to go the whole way too. Love seeing you in print so often.


Sheri said...

sooo jealous Tar!!!!
the lounge room looks heaps good!!!
u put up heaps more pics :D
can't wait to see you guys and bub in oct
about time you updated your blog by the way :P
I think you can go all the way to the top 10 :D

Annmarie said...

I dropped by for a visit and just love the layouts that you have done.... you are very very talented... and congrats on the top 50, you must be really happy.... and also, good luck with the baby due any day now

karen e said...

About time!!!

I love what you've done with the photos. And how many more times are you going to move the lounge room around before you have bubby??? LOL

And I'm with eveyone will make the top 10

Lauren said...

Good work on making top 50! Your work is amazing and I am so lucky to have one of the pages you did for me...
Good luck with the birth of your bub!
Cant wait to hear the news

vicmbee said...

well I still check it sometimes your sister just said to check out you lounge. Karen C done a post on hers after months and months too.

Congrats on makin the top 50 hope you can go all the way to the top and fit it in when the new bub comes.

Haven't seen you in ages

vicki your 2nd cousin (just incase you don't)