Monday, October 20, 2008

It's a BOY

We had our Baby Boy on October 10th at 8:01pm... His name is Zayne Robert, he was 9lb 5oz and 53.5cm long... He is now 10 days old and weighs 10lb 1/2oz... He loves to eat and thinks he should do so the whole time he is awake!!!! He is going maximum 3 hours between feeds during the day, usually the same at night. :-( Hopefully he settles sometime soon...

Anyway, he is hungry again so I will just quickly leave some pics....

This is Zayne 16 hours old..
Proud Big Brother!!
Proud Big Sister
Aunty Sheri..
Our Family.... :-)
The 2nd LO I have done of Baby Zayne
How cute is this little foot!!!
Zayne and his Daddy!!!
My gorgeous Boy :-)
Love him to bits :-)


karen e said...

gorgeous photos tara he's such a little jed.

gee only 2 LO'

vicmbee said...

Congrats!! He looks a lot like his big sister and brother, very cute.
Sounds like his not giving you much time between feeds.

Lauren said...

Congrats Tara,
he is just beautiful!
Cant believe you have scrapped him already!!

Sheri said...

his absoloutly GORGEOUS Tar!!!!
hehe pic of me :P

fun at school... doubt it :P

can you send mum some of the piccys please???

Nicole said...

Oh Tara, he is gorgeous. Congrats again hun, looks like you had my 4kg baby hey. LOL. Deacon is already over the 10lb mark too. Little piggy. Hope Zayne settles into a nice feeding pattern for you.


Nicole said...

totally forgot to add, you're as crazy as I am, been scrapping heaps too. LOVE LOVE LOVE those pages hun.


ALL ABOUT ME said...

Aww they are all beewwdiful piccies, dont ya wish ya had a dig camera with the other 2 well im sure you will make up for it anyway:) well done tarz he is just gorgeous:)more LO's please:) hahaha im sure you dont have much time for that anymore but the 2 you have done are simply sweet, love em:)