Monday, August 1, 2011


i said to him... "who's this?"

he said to me... "zayney.."

Me and him, we spend our days together..

It's not often I get my camera out these days,

but i just thought i would snap a few pics of him in the backyard.

Complete with a milky way bribe lol..

I got a couple of good ones :)


On another note,

the weather here has been crazy warm,

considering its winter.

I have the back door open and the heater off,

and the clothes line is chockers full of clothes and towels.

I'm loving it!


Lizzyc said...

oh he is cute alright!! if the bribe works... then it works!!haha! yes a gorgeous day here today in queensland..


his gotten so big and CUTE!! time flies hay

Melinda said...

awww he is getting so big!! Gorgeous photos Tara and I am so loving this weather too :))xx