Thursday, August 4, 2011

a chat..


Well i just thought i would come and have a chat to myself.

About the weather lol.

It is the 4th of August today,

and it is HOT!

I am absolutely loving it,

the heater is off,

the clothes are on the line,

the kids are wearing t-shirts (im not lol).

I cant believe how warm it is,

there are already blossoms on the trees,

and people are out mowing their lawns,


I know its going to get cold again,

but for the moment I am soaking it in and loving it!

This was inspired by my snow pics a few posts down,

its just so hard to believe that wasnt all that long ago!


Chantal Vandenberg said...

LOL! Love your post, Tara! I'm listening! :D

Lizzyc said...

i think we are going to get a little bit more winter yet.. and yes i saw blossom trees in toowoomba flowering away today thinking it must be spring!!