Monday, October 11, 2010


Weight : 17.6KG
Height : 91.5CM
Size 3 clothes


  • He loves to eat, esp Meat, and Fruit.. Banana's, Apples and Strawberries are his faves.
  • He loves outside, riding his bike and swinging on his swings, also playing in the tiny amount of sand we have left.
  • He loves to check the mail, will do it MANY times throughout the day,whenever he is allowed out the gate.
  • He loves his bath time.
  • He likes to watch Yo Gabba Gabba.
  • Hates sitting in a pram, or trolley. He is Mr Independance.
  • Is VERY loving, we get kisses and cuddles all the time.
  • Has a favourite teddy which he sleeps with, and wont sleep without it. It is a little blanket with a teddy head attached. Substitutes just dont cut it either!
  • STILL calls me 'Tara', refuses to say Mum.
  • Says lots of things, mainly its only us that can understand him. 'hey, what's this' - 'hey, wat dis'. 'no thanks'. 'yes' and nods his head, its gorgeous. 'juice please' - 'juice pweeeeeeeese'. 'here you go' - 'here yaaaaaaaaa'. Many more too :)
  • LOVES to dance, any ad or song that comes on with a real beat to it, he will stop what he is doing and dance. Sometimes head bopping, full body bounce up and down, jiggle side to side... all so cute!
  • Still a good traveller, he loves the car.
  • Loves to play cars. We have to drive along and smash into each other.. Hopefully not a sign of how his driving skills will be lol.
  • Comes and pulls on our hands and arms if he wants us to go somewhere.
  • Chucks HUGE wobbley's. esp if he isnt allowed outside.
  • Loves the cat, which hates him.
  • Has a VERY fat foot lol, cant get him shoes to fit :(


amanda73 said...

he is sooooo cute...... connor has fat feet too lol, he is 5 and i still cant find shoes that fit him properly either
love those words of his and gestures

Giovanna (GiGi) said...

great little stats for your little man xoxo

kerry said...

Fab stats and i love how he calls you Tara too cute take care Kerry xx

Deb said...

love the stats, Tara! Grace has feet like that too and we have 1 shop that caters for her size - so expensive too!!!

Leonie said...

what a great list to compile, he sounds like a real little character:)

Chantal said...

Great to document all these facts!! So cute! My 2 year old Heidi just ADORES Yo Gabba Gabba! It's a pretty cool show though for kids! :D I've only just finished a layout called DJ Heidi with her Yo Gabba Gabba DJ Lance hat and glasses - sooo cute! It'll be up on my blog by the end of the week. Soo funny! Take care.

Melinda said...

A BIG happy birthday to Zayne for Sunday!!! Hope he had a fab day and enjoyed his cake!!

Love all those stats...i should have done something like that for Finlay..mmmm....


Nicole said...

wholly freaking dooley, havent' been online much but geez our boys are SOOOOOOOOOOO alike,

loving all your creativity wish I had some right now.