Friday, October 15, 2010

The one i didnt miss...

When it flooded a few weeks ago I wished i had of seen it..
We were at mum's and missed the lot,
only got to see a tiny bit of water the night we got home.
This time it isnt as bad {YET...}
Not sure if I want to see anymore..


Anonymous said...

wow, Tara!!! Great pics, hope you don't get too much more rain!

Nicolee said...

great shots, but I hope thats all you get!!!!
it almost looked like a croc swimming in one of those 'rivers'...ha ha ha you can tell where I live hey!!!
ciao! x

Sar said...

Wow Tara, thats full on!!!!

kerry said...

Great pics Tara arnt you glad it didnt hit your place.Scary thats for sure take care Kerry xx