Monday, September 6, 2010

This afternoon...

We went for a little drive to look at the flood waters..
we missed the bad part since we were away when it all came down,
so I didnt get any pics of the bad floods :-(
First pic is Blowering dam.
The amount of water in there ATM is amazing.
It is sitting at 78.3%
Less than 2 years ago it was down to around 25%....
Next 2 pics I took in THE DARK!!!
Can NOT believe how well they turned out :-)
This is the bridge crossing little river,
It was completely under water 2 days ago,
signs and all....


vicmbee said...

great photo's look at the dam we would of went for a drive but the rain put us off.. maybe next week.

Felicity said...

woweee.. alot of water, havent seen many photos. Although dad did say he went up in a helicopter to look at the water, so I cant wait to see those piccies, if he ever sends them to me. haha

Teegs said...

those in the dark pics are heaps cool:)