Monday, September 27, 2010


School holidays have begun....
normally I love them,
this time around I am not so keen.
TBH, Jaiden is driving me nuts,
i'm thinking very strongly on filling that script.... :-(
Oh and apparently Zayne now wakes at 6.45 am everyday...
I am NOT a morning person,
especially at that time of morning.


Felicity said...

oh no :( I hope Jayden gets better and that it at least doesn't rain for the holidays.
And yep, Brae is waking now at 5.30am cause the sun is up and I am not a morning person either, makes a LOOOOOOONG day.
Have a good day

Crystal Bowman said...

Well we're into week 2 of school holidays and my older two have been waking before 6am as well when Nathan is up getting ready for work! Lucie would sleep in longer but she hears them all up at the crack of dawn! Hope the holidays pass quickly for you!

Jasmine S said...

Tara, I am 1 week done and 1 to go. And I USED to be a morning person but after years of 6.30am starts with the kidlets, it is wearing off. Or maybe that is just me getting older....Good luck with the rest of the hols. Maybe a nice wine this arvo will

Colleen said...

My little is not in school yet so I feel your pain. Luckily I have her trained to sleep a little later than 6:45! Good luck!!