Monday, July 12, 2010

Our weekend..

On saturday we went over to wagga to take the
kids to see TOY STORY 3.
This was Zayne's first time in a movie theatre,
and he was a PITA... lol
He didnt sit still for 5 seconds straight and was
trying to run around the whole time,
whenever he wasn't shovelling popcorn or lollies
into his mouth lol.
Mark ended up taking him out for about 15 mins in the
middle of the movie.
On Sunday we went for a drive with Muli,
up the bush,
We did the Lobs hole trail i think,
We started near the Selwyn Snow Fields entrance,
and came out at the Lobs Hole trail entrance on
the Snowy Mountains Highway.
It was a good drive,
and nice and warm lol........
There is NO SNOW at the moment,
It's crazy for this time of year.
Anyway just a few pics from our drive,
didnt take the camera saturday.

Only FIVE more days till Peanut is due!!!!
I have Sheri here at the moment,
she come up yesterday.
Think I will scrap and she can look after my kids.... :-)


Sue said...

Great piccies, and yeah get her to watch the gremlins, she will love it. Did she send maggie a text yet?

amanda73 said...

great pics........... and lol @ zayne in the movies.... we took Connor to see toy story for his first ever movie experience on saturday too, he is 4 and a half and he was perfect, sat through the whole lot..... from past experience(i have 6 boys 17, 15, 14, 12, 11 and nearly 5), im very sceptical about taking under 5s to the movies

Chantal said...

Great pics! Saw Toy Story 3 in 3D over the weekend... LOVED IT. Love all 3... woo hoo!! :D

Jane said...

love the photos Tara and LOL about having a babysitter :)