Monday, July 19, 2010

My Bedroom....

Looks like this at the moment!!!!!
SOOOOOO glad something is finally getting done in there!
In the bottom right hand corner of the first pic
is where the corner was/is cut out of the house mum...
In the middle of this one,
on the bottom part of the wall that is removed
you can see our bath tub lol...
Mark has ordered the new board for the walls,
i think they should be here sometime today.
Ahhhh I am so dreaming of when it's finished and we can
FINALLY move back in there,
and Tani can have her room back..
It has been way too long!
I think I am going to celebrate by buying a new
cover set.... :D


Sue said...

massive bloomin room that one. and yeah it will feel like heaven to have your own room again.

Chantal said...

OMG... now THAT'S what I call a reno!!! We're doing the spare bathroom, toilet and laundry W/C too at the moment. Not a fan of that super fine dust though... d'oh. Nice big room hey, that's great!!! :D