Saturday, October 20, 2007

For Teegs... :)

Its been a few days and I'm sure Tegan is going to tell me to update my blog soon, so i'm going to beat her to it...:) LOL

I have sent off my LO to Scrapbooking Memories.... I also won week 5 of the BOM comp with that same LO over at SCRAPLOOT on the same day it got accepted at SM, So that was pretty exciting too!!! But it had to be removed from their homepage etc because its going to be published!!! Ah well.... This morning I also got an email from Basic Grey, and one of my LO's have been accepted into their ideas gallery on their site as well, which is cool, but they have my name back to front, LOL think that was my fault when I was filling in the form, I dont look, just write... LOL

Mark is in the process of pulling our laundry to bits.... The walls are coming down as I write!! We have a plumber coming monday to move taps and put in an extra one for the washing machine, soon I will be counting down the days till we can start renovating!!! We are putting in a bench with an inset tub, but we are having troubles getting the tub!! They have them at Bunnings, but every time we go over there they dont have any!!! Ah well, we will get one one day....

We went to Batlow today, and picked up some sort of saw bench for Mark, visited with Nan and Pop for a while, and then went out to Dad and Auni's to say hello.... They will be finished their house in about 2 weeks, Its looking good!!! Its very noisy at the moment though, with no carpet or furniture, my kids bellowing voices would have been heard all over the valley I reckon... LOL

Jed had a ball playing in their massive pile of red dirt too.... Hopefully that will come out in the wash when I can use my washing machine again!!!

Can't think of much else, but while I'm here I might as well post some pic of the kittens... They went outside for the first time the other day, they were SOOOOOOOOO cute!!! Who knows where the pics will end up though.... Probably up the top!!
Yep up the top they went.. Grrr don't know how to change that, never mind, thats all from me for now!! BYE :)

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