Saturday, September 8, 2007

My Latest LO's

This was a just for fun LO...... of my mans BUTT!!! LOL

My little man....... YEP he drank half the can before reminding me that he is banned from coke, and no I didnt forget (as if I could), it was fathers day, and we were having a picnic in the back yard, they both got a can as a special treat!!! ( please dont look at the dirty window behind the transperancy!!!!)

I so LOVE this pic.... LOL will probably end up scrapping it lots.... The tags read (she is) silly, sweet, funny,beautiful, smart, mine.... There were lots more tags, but i thaught that would be over doing it...

This one is of Tanika, The pic was taken on her 4th birthday, she is modelling her new dress......
Here are some of my latest LO's..... Thanks for looking!!!!


karen e said...

Hey love that LO of Mark's that he's actually got one..LOL...SORRY Mark.

Melissa said...

awesome LOs 'em all!
fun and funky & even an arse shot!LOL!!!!!
Go girl!

Sar said...

That Bum Shot is unreal, Tara! What a classic!!!!!!


scrapwitch said...

awesome layouts tara///loving your work babe