Saturday, September 1, 2007

Day 11

Another strange one today... I have a big pimple on my chin that I will not advertise on the net!!... LOL....
I think I have a new fave song today, It is 'Big girls don't cry', by Fergie, which surprises me coz I have hated every song she has done since she left the Black Eyed Peas... LOL, probably coz the first time I heard it I thaught it was pink... Ah Well :)


karen e said...

Gee you went a bit messy or was that on purpose???LOL

Tara said...

its a heart, one of the brushes

Sar said...

I LOVE that song too!! Even my hubby likes it... ;)

Sounds like I have a fellow Pink fan here...did you go to her concert when she was here? She is just unreal.