Sunday, July 8, 2012

Some favourites..

 The kids, Nan and I headed to the coast for 5 days last week... Often lately I haven't been using my camera much, if at all, so I made a point to use it last week (but not over use it lol).. So instead of filling multiple SD cards, I used one 4gig, not quite filling it. It made me actually look at the photo's I took, and find them more special, rather than having that many that it overwhelmed me to even look at them, let alone pick some favourites! So I just thought I would upload a few here, since my blog has been incredibly neglected lately!
 My beautiful sisters!
 Sweet Tani girl
 Cute little Zayney
 My boys, a new fave photo! Love dressing them the same lol.
 All 3 kids... Got a few pics of them all together this time!
 In the snow on the way home ♥
 Playing snail hopscotch... I'm definitely not as good as I was 20 years ago lol.


Lizzyc said...

Lovely photos, I hope they inspire you to scrap them!

Teegs said...

yayyyy to you and your camera reuniting and the pics show that it was worth it:)