Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bad Blogger

This year has been a shocker...
How is it possible to be so busy ALL the time,
and yet have done nothing?
I have so much scrapping i NEED to do,
and yet my mojo has once again gone AWOL.
I have done nothing creative wise,
other than what i HAVE to do for months!
It's possible it is hiding underneath my stash,
along with my desk lol,
but I am yet to find out!
I have decided though,
that it is about time I done something for me,
that I have been wanting to do for MANY MANY years.
I am hoping/trying to start my own photography business.
As it is just in the very early stages
I have started a FB page,
just to see how I go..
you can see the page here: FACEBOOK
I do NOT in anyway claim to be a professional at this though,
and have done no training etc,
just to put it out there...

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