Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today, I decided to TRY to get a family pic,
once each month for the year... {as seen on Tara Whitney's blog}
Seeing as today is the 2nd last day of the month,
and the last day we will all be together,
besides from a few rushed hours in the morning,
it had to be today!
I got a pic, of everyone looking and smiling,
but this is the one i love the most...
Zayne wanted to take a pic, so he pushed the button,
and we both raced back for the pic.
He obviously moved the camera while he was at it,
but thats OK..
I love it just the way it is!
Wonder if i will manage the whole year??
I seriously doubt it lol...


Teegs said...

Yay you blogged
yay you used your tripod
yay you took a family pic (very cute)
yay there all looking
yay there all smiling
yay just because:)

Felicity said...

ditto to teegs comment.
I am doing the family photo a month too, took mine yesterday but havent downloaded my camera. lol

Mal said...

it's a great photo! you all look very very happy! can't wait to see what changes there are over the year!
a family a month??? never going to happen here...haha...but maybe a few times a year...good idea!

karenc said...

I like the idea! I just had a look at my camera and manual but i can't find a timer setting, where did you find yours?

Celeste Vermeend said...

Trying to do the same thing! We'll keep each other motivated!