Saturday, October 17, 2009

Now He's ONE

We celebrated Zayne's first birthday and his Naming Day last saturday..
The weather held off for it and it was a lovely afternoon in the park with family and friends.
I was a bit worried it would rain through as it has been non stop for weeks on end... :-(
Just a few quick things this month as he really hasn't changed much in a month..
Zayne is:
  • Now 13.82kg
  • 81cm long
  • Walking/running very well and non stop
  • Always on the go..
  • Now standing up his own in the middle of the room. Started doing that a month ago after his 11 month post.
  • So funny, always has us cacking ourselves over the funny things he does.
  • Very loving. Loves to give cuddles, and does the pat on the back thing while he is doing it lol. I don't get them very often but everyone else does... :(
  • Totally obsessed with remotes, computer "mouses" and phones....
  • Loves anything with a cord attatched and will walk around with it for hours on end.. eg, his toy phone, Tani's lovely pink toy phone, mega-sketcher, old telstra phone. He cracks it when they get caught on something though.
  • Sporting a very bashed up looking forehead this week.. Had a couple of incidents that left him with some bruises and grazes... :(
  • Has really learn't what "NO" and "TA" mean. Doesn't always care lol, but he knows...
  • Still needs alot of attention, he has most definately been my most demanding baby.
  • 2 - 3 bottles per day, and 3 meals. Loves his weet-bix, yoghurt and veggies.
  • Loves his bath time each night, still a massive fight getting him dressed.
  • Still only 4 teeth... Thaught he would have some more by now as he goes through "teething" alot. They just take forever to appear!

He is just so lovely, and I love him to bits..

A couple of piccies from his day.

Don't like the way they make wrapping paper these days,
Dont know how many times Zayne choked on it....

With his Beach Nanny^^
All the godparents^^
Tegan, Craig, Sheri and Muli.
Unfortunately didnt get any nice pics with Me and Mark and Zayne,
just havent thaught to take one, but didnt with the other 2 either... :(
Aaaaw I love this pic... So happy to wander on his own! (outside... lol)

I made these as his party bags..
They looked great, but oh what a pain to make lol.
Me and my big ideas........

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Nicole said...

oh Happy (late) Birthday Zayne :)

He's looking so spunky Tara, and much much older than Dea, he took a few steps today :) yay.

Looks like you had a fabo day