Wednesday, September 16, 2009

11 Months

Wow... Only 3 more weeks and my little dude is going to be 1!
At 11 Months Zayne:
  • Is 13.64 kg
  • Is 78.5 cm
  • Is very active, he walks everywhere.
  • Loves outside, is so happy to be out the back playing with the kids... Or just sitting eating grass.
  • Dances when songs come on the tv or radio. (has been doing this for a few months.)
  • Loves loud music. (since he was born, not sure if I have written that before.)
  • Is FINALLY growing a little bit of hair.
  • Can now bend over while standing up and pick something up off the floor and then stand back up again.
  • Can't yet stand up from the middle of the floor without pulling himself up on something.
  • Eats 2 weetbix for breakfast.
  • Sneezes weetbix all over me during breakfast at least once EVERY MORNING!
  • Is sleeping soooooo much better. Usually wakes for one bottle during the night and then goes back to sleep... Massive improvement there! :0)
  • Has 2 bottles during the day, 1 during the night.
  • Has 4 little toothies. His top 2 came through just after I put up his 10 month pics.
  • Is very independant with his walking, likes to take off away from me in shops :0(
  • Likes to whinge while i'm making dinner everynight. When I say whinge I mean hang off my legs screaming......... Very frustrating!
  • Looks sooooooo very much like his Uncle Craig did at the same age.
  • Doesn't really have any new words other than 'yeah, yeah, yeah', and 'no, no, no'
He is now awake from his nap so I better go, can't think of anything else off the top of my head.


Sue said...

Gee we make great looking kids in our family dont we! You should wrap him up and send him for a holiday with his Nanna, the other kids could probably come too, lol.

Sar said...

They sure do grow up quick, don't they Tara!!

Sheri said...

gawd he is so gorgeous!!
i think he looks heaps like Craig in the first 2!
i agree with mum... send em down!!!!